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Reading The Tea Leaves – 2009

This is our our first newsletter of the year, and I know many of you have been wondering about the directions we will take in 2009.

I hope you will take the time to read every word and your
responses are encouraged. The following contains the summation of my thoughts, my feelings, my logic and my intelligence gathering in D.C. of how the Obama administration might deal with border issues. All I can say is that since it’s Christmas and the Holiday season, let’s throw in a dash of hope, a sprinkle of satisfaction and generous amount of determination -we’ll need it.

I have broken down my thoughts into sections that I will
expand upon in my blog over the next weeks and months.

Now that we are seeing the improvements on the border
security front, I feel we should start a discussion about details of a plan for future reform of the “Legal/authorized
immigration system. We can do that in our new forum and I
will do so in my blog.


Obama elect and his cabinet selections have a lot of folks
up in arms and dubious.  Many organizations have expressed their growing concerns about certain appointees to cabinet positions, I’m not as concerned.

After 7 years in this movement I remain optimistic and have
pointed out dozens of accomplishments that back up my
ascertain that we are winning this battle for America’s

I have a different attitude of optimism regarding Obama
and Napolitano and there have been red hot discussions
out there about how his administration will deal with border
security and illegal immigration.  I’ve been reading the blogs
and carefully monitoring news reports as well as info put out by other organizations.

Since the election  you’ve received my measured responses-other than being angry all the time there is the
another way to approach it – with an attitude of hope and
change – I am sincere and will remain so -until Obama
makes a bad move all we can do is encourage him to do
the right thing – what the American people want.
Use this link to let him know how you feel on this issue.

Obama wants our opinion on a plan of action – MCDC has a plan and it is likely more detailed than anything Obama has in mind at this point which is why I took the opportunity to send our plan to him – it was the least we could do to help his administration.
All we can do is take a practical and pragmatic approach
to how we realize our goals and how those goals will change
as we comprehensively move through the reform process. After all, I got into this movement to create an
organization that can help lead a reform movement to the
point where we can put ourselves out of business by solving
a problem.
I’ve learned a lot over the past seven years about how to
maintain a tempered and practical approach to the issue.  I
look at all sides, we all need to analyze the situation in the
macro and micro, it is complicated. So with some caution in
mind, and not wanting to overreact I have been sitting
back reading the tea leaves, and here’s what I think 2009
will look like in the border security and immigration reform


I say -Yes we can! I think 2009 will be a good year for border security and continued state and federal reforms regarding the employment of illegal aliens.
As President and spokesperson for MCDC  I have come to
the following conclusions by way of process; consider this a
summation of my conversations, intelligence gathering and
research over the past month.

Which leads me to the game plan for 2009 – at least as
things stand now.

Sorry, but Obama gets a fair chance from me. All we have
seen so far is campaign rhetoric. I do not think he will
overreach for amnesty in his first year and if he does, we are, as movement, on alert and ready to implement our citizen lobbying efforts for 2009.
Instead I see nothing short of a massive enforcement surge
in co-operation with Mexico.


A world war on terror.

A war in Mexico.

Almost foolproof Mexican passports being bought and sold
by terrorists.

Unprecedented anti-U.S. sentiment and outright animosity
from growing number of Latin American governments who
are more interested in working with Russia, China and Iran.
Obama and his cabinet should know well the crisis we face
along our southern border and coastal boundaries.


Napolitano in charge of Homeland Security may just turn out to be the biggest surprise -actually more of a surprise to
others than to me.
Again,I will give her a fair chance to do the right thing and if
she does I will sing her praises.
Napolitano has a tough job ahead of her. She is inheriting a
crisis  which all levels of law enforcement acknowledge as
our greatest threat to national security and public safety.
Hundreds of thousands of illegal alien migrant workers; tens
of thousands of criminals, gang members and drug mules.
Now we know the potential for undetected entry by
thousands of terrorists who have been attempting and
succeeding in their effort to enter our country by any means
they can devise.

Napolitano declared a state of emergency and has called
for exactly what we have stated is the only solution-military
and National Guard presence on our borders.
That move, of course must be combined with a partnership
with Mexico and a commitment to break up violent cartels
engaged in the commerce of buying and selling illegal
drugs; innocent and willing Human Beings in the trafficking
/smuggling operations; weapons, I.D. theft; kidnapping for
ransom; money laundering; and institutional organized

It’s the only logical response, however those who occupy
Washington sometimes act in a less than logical manner.
We’ll have to wait and see.


I’m just reading the tea leaves as I see them and I predict
that Napolitano will respond by implementing  what she
knows must be a tough, measured response and aggressive
deployment of the National Guard to the border.
Military assets have already been in place with more arriving next month and folks in D.C. are keenly aware of the cartel wars raging in Mexico.

I predict some construction of the fences may be halted and some other projects will continue; however I remain confident that Obama and Napolitano are going to take a year to aggressively “pump up” the specific resources necessary in completing border security infrastructure before putting together what I think will still equate to a comprehensive  “light”  plan in a year or two.

I predict a plan to make all guest worker visas or ag labor
legislation set to a new paradigm – a flexible approach driven by demand for citizenship matched with labor demands that can be proven cannot be filled by a U.S. citizen.

All studies show that as the boomers retire and die there will
be jobs available in America -no problem with reality,
however those jobs must first be filled from within by
improving our education system and creating more
mathematicians, technicians and scientists.  We must
develop a culture of accountability by creating a system that is so good  for business that they can’t refuse to use it. More on that in future blogs.

I’ll say it one more time in another way.

Jobs must be filled by U.S. citizens first.

Legitimate legal immigrants are allowed in and matched
with available labor needs.
The entire system needs to be realigned from a family
reunification model to a labor demand based system that
insures appropriate national security screening and intense
enforcement directed at the violator as well as the
employer or accomplices.

We don’t need a guest worker program, we already have
temporary seasonal ag visas, we just need a near foolproof
system of accountability and that can be achieved and I
will expound upon that subject in future musings.

Just a few of my predictions for 2009.
In next weeks Newsletter we’ll address our 2009 action plan.


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Day 4 October Border Blog

Sunday, October 5, 2008 was another

busy day at camp King’s Anvil.
Search and Rescue volunteers worked

the morning searching known trails and

layup areas for any individuals in

distress -none were found. MCDC SART

volunteers then spent the second half of

their day completing a two-day advanced

tactical training course that included

advanced first aid and triage treatment for

critically wounds. Much thanks and

appreciation to Jeff, a genuine

professional instructor, his donation of the

weekend survival self-defense and first-aid course

was a Patriotic contribution to community service and our public safety.

The advantage is ours; our teams are

better prepared for the more diverse

possibilities volunteers could be forced

to deal with. SART volunteers are better

trained to be more effective in

providing emergency response in life

saving rescue situations.

Daily scouting expeditions to the usual

areas of our operations continue to

yield very little evidence of any foot traffic –

bottom line – so far there is evidence

that few people are getting through the

3 line approach of Border Patrol. These days few IA’s

make it as far north of our location in

the Altar Valley . We will continue to

audit the security of as many areas as

possible over the next 25 days.

Sunday Night Shift-
Within 5 minutes of deploying our 5pm

to midnight shift, volunteers literally

stumbled upon a young woman hiding

in the bushes near one of our posts. The

volunteers showed concern and asked

in Spanish if she needed water or

medical attention; she did not respond

seeming not to understand English. She

then got up and moved away and

quickly met up with 3 other young

males hiding in the bushes nearby. The

group of four then moved to circumvent

our volunteers who had already

contacted Border Patrol for assistance.
The small group of four young very

suspicious IA’S then walked around and

between our volunteers who again

asked them if they needed assistance

and to inform them that we had

contacted Border Patrol.
In broken English the young woman

asked “Who are you? To which

volunteers replied that they were Minutemen. They

responded in broken English that they

wanted no help and ran past our

Border Patrol arrived 10 minutes later

and began tracking the group both

from the south and then sent agents to the north – we had

no confirmation if any of the four

were apprehended.
Earlier in the day two other individuals

were located standing on the side of

the road, having given up their travel to

ask for help, to which they were

afforded water, grapes and

Humanitarian support until Border Patrol

agents arrived to take the two into


The rest of the evening was uneventful

no individuals were sighted.

We are preparing to move operations

to two new areas – intel and

observation pay off as we suspect we

know where activity is picking up.

Sunday I also spent time working admin and camp

supervisor for the morning. I also made my

blog entry and spent much needed

time talking with volunteers. I left

operations at 2pm on Sunday and

returned home to catch up on other

projects like our rally and candidate

forum at the Des Moines,Iowa State

Capital this Saturday.

Tonight, Monday I attended our Phoenix Chapter

meeting of CCM, Coalition for a

Conservative Majority. Tonight’s guest

speaker is former House leader Tom

Delay. I encourage everyone to

research the organization and join or

start a chapter in your area.


Want to have more fun in your spare

time? Try researching this site.

I will return to the border on Wednesday

morning and will work through Friday

morning and then catch a flight to Iowa

for our Border Security Rally at the state

capital. While I am back on the border we will

work with a French TV

crew on Wednesday and on Friday we

meet with a college group studying the

border crisis.

Here’s another interesting educational

site – is this accurate?

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Day one border blog

Day one on the border. I am typing from the back of my Jeep. I am at Camp Anvil with 6 other early arrivals. It’s dark, lots of stars, very little moon. It is very quiet -no Border Patrol seen on my way to camp. New checkpoint south of us on 286. Will work with B.P to gather intel tomorrow. Lots of scouting to do first thing in the morning.

Spent the evening at an NRA sponsored meet the candidates night at the Sheraton in Tucson. Spoke with Sandy Froman – 2A issues are always top of the list of important liberties with me. Ran in to Dave McGowan and Frank Antenori both running for the Arizona state house -both decent and strong conservatives. Watched a good portion of the Biden-Palin debate -both performed well – with performed being the operative word. Palin has a career in Hollywood as well as a strong leader in the Republican party. Well, at least she has a long career ahead of being parodied by Hollywood. She is strong though and you have to admire her Moxie – and her hair.
Spent a short time at another debate watching gathering at Chad’s Steakhouse in Tucson. This watching party was sponsored by 104.1 the Truth’s John Justice. Good crowd -lousy venue – too crowded, could not talk to anyone but good to see people sharing fellowship, support and venting frustrations.
Also spoke with Az Leg Dist 26 -precinct 359 committeeman John Ellinwood. John also works with the Sonoran Alliance blog that I am trying to figure out. This blogging is sort of like a journal – I guess? I’ll learn as I go along – just like life.
Now to sleep and prepare for October on the border.

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Simcox daily blog from Operation “Imminent Threat”

During the month of October I will be publishing a daily blog of our experiences on the border during operation “imminent Threat” in Arizona. I also hope to bring in other folks who are also working in Texas and California during the month of October.
I will also post YouTube videos of our activities -they will appear every 2 to 3 days.

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