Obama May Adopt Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Border Security Plan

A recent Press release – we are getting everything needed to secure the border – just for all the wrong reasons and way late.

Just weeks after taking office, President Obama has announced he is considering troop deployment to our southern border.

Since 2002, Chris Simcox and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have been sounding the alarm and warning of the escalating national security crisis that we now face on our border with an increasingly destabilized Mexico.

National Guard troops can be stationed at military bases like Fort Huachuca and can shut down the heavily-trafficked cartel routes in places like the mountains just above that high security military base in southeastern Arizona.

During the recent national campaign, Simcox and MCDC Vice President Carmen Mercer personally delivered a detailed report and plans for securing the border to Obama’s D.C. Senate office, and again after President Obama took office MCDC executives sent a detailed report and plan for securing the border.  With the exponential increase in murderous cartel violence along the border, Mr. Obama is now obviously considering the need to heed good counsel.

Minutemen stand ready to welcome U.S. troops to protect American property owners, law enforcement personnel and even support law-and-order Mexican patriots defending their people along the war-zone border, if necessary.

Since 2002 Chris Simcox has been warning of the crisis which now confronts us.

It is unfortunate that although we in the border security movement warned our officials of this impending crisis when we started the border watch movement after the 9/11 attacks, the government failed to act. Senator McCain and Gov. Napolitano were urgently and repeatedly warned of the accelerating national security and public safety threat at the border by our Minuteman movement, and their inaction has directly led to the proliferation and Fortune 100-like corporate growth of the international drug cartels — which have now also systematically absorbed and control all forms of human smuggling and other forms of contraband, including arms and weapons running.

It is something of a relief to MCDC to think that our volunteers may realize a major goal of 7 years grueling activist work, by finally having our posts — we hope and pray — taken over by National Guard and U.S. military deployments adequate to the threat.  From day one in 2002 we have always warned of the threat presented by the ruthless cartel networks, our analyses calling for many thousands of well-armed and supported U.S. troops were reviewed and embraced by alert Congressmen — and now we look forward to President Obama doing his duty and our being honorably relieved of our posts on watch.   The citizen volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps long for the day when we can certify and report to the American people that our borders are, indeed, secure.  But will the President, in fact, act?

Thus far this year, to all available evidence, crossings are somewhat down, violence is massively up. The cartels are locked into mortal combat among themselves, and with the Mexican military — and the U.S. military is unavoidably needed to secure America’s safety, sovereignty and national security. Now is the perfect opportunity to end the border security issue once and for all, and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plan is the only practical solution.



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McCain, Napolitano could have prevented cartel war in Mexico

I just had to share the audio from the second half of my internet radio show -it air weekly on Thursdays at 9 pm EST.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Just be sure and listen in on your computer – the station ROCKS, if that is what you like!

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International terroristic cartels control high ground on US/Mexico border Similarities drawn in Pakistan/Afghanistan conflict

Finally the lame-stream media is beginning to discuss the war raging among the human/drug smuggling crime cartels in Mexico who are vying for control of the brutal, lucrative trade.

Cartel violence has reached unprecedented levels along the U.S.-Mexico border, and is fostering a pandemic of home invasions, kidnappings and murders throughout the United States of America.

“President Obama inherited three wars, the most critical right here at home along our southern and northern national boundaries. Our southern border presents a full-blown national security crisis, and a serious domestic threat to public safety, that has affected every community within a day’s drive of the Mexico line.  Mr. Obama better not tell the imperiled American people we don’t have enough money or manpower, or it is not a priority, to secure our borders. And John McCain should be drawing up battle plans to protect U.S. citizens by sending the U.S. Marines to the border instead of quibbling over the cost of a single helicopter named Marine One,”

“Time for stop-gap measures or waiting for other nations to mend their ways has run out.  Mexico’s president Calderon and his government will also need much more than a half billion of our tax dollars (Meridia Plan) to battle international terrorist organizations that control almost every city throughout Mexico. Our National Guard and Marines must be deployed to protect American interests, including lives and property, along our border.”

The same international smuggling operations shooting it out at the border have active organized criminal cells in over 195 U.S. cities, according to a recent Department of Justice report.
Minutemen stationed along the border from Texas to California and Washington to New York State continued to report an egregious lack of U.S. border security and high vulnerability to incursion, facilitated by criminal networks of outposts dotting the high ground along the entire border.  Minuteman volunteers have scoured the trails and have identified drug cartel and smuggler’s outposts at high elevations all along the border in California and Arizona.

It will take an immediate deployment of 8,000 National Guard and special ops personnel to contain the extremely violent and terroristic international crime organizations that control the mountainous passages of the U.S./Mexico border.
For over 7 years, our organization have been at the forefront of helping secure the United States borders and coastal boundaries against the unlawful entry of individuals, contraband and even foreign military in an all-volunteer effort to protect law-abiding American citizens, and uphold the rule of law.

I have long argued publicly against the policies advocated by renowned so-called border security tough guys who grandstand on feeble proposals and media-driven border security “initiatives.”  That list of the feeble and the failed is topped by Senator John McCain and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, recently appointed as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.  The frightening reality is that drug and human smuggling is unquestionably one of the most pressing security issues facing our nation, and its effects have been devastating to the well-being of American citizens in countless communities across the country.

More than 8,000 individuals were killed in Mexico due to drug related violence in the last two years alone; the Mexican drug cartels reportedly supply illegal drugs to their gang member affiliates in at least 230 U.S. cities; and 240 cartel-related kidnappings occurred last year alone in Phoenix, Arizona.  The statistics of crisis do not lie.

Americans along the border have long locked and loaded – thanks to people like John McCain it is now become part of our culture. People who live along our southern border have been waiting for leadership who will respond to the critical implications of not protecting the rights of private property owners. Or, maybe they do, and this is the way they like it.
If the people’s government does not respond soon, the government of the people and by the people will respond and the Minutemen organization does not want to be in the way when Americans begin defending American private property. All we can do is get out of the way and say, I told you so.

Chris Simcox

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Border Security Stimulus Would Create 2 Million Jobs In 2 Years

It’s been a busy week, picking through the thousand pages of how the federal government, our elected representatives, are figuring they can squander money that they’re going to print out of thin air.
This phony money supports what is nothing less than the US Congress and the new Obama administration abusing the power of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government — the abuse of power is unconstitutional.  This is nothing but a buy-out of existing constituencies, and a co-opting of new collaborators in the dismantling of liberty via privileged programs to support the obedient taxpayer and those who don’t even pay taxes being duped into thinking they will benefit from Robin Hood the Federal Government’s redistribution of wealth.
What would be Constitutional? To provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States.
Now that discussion would be a great place to start.
Instead of creating jobs, much of the proposed stimulus spending goes to keep people in existing jobs, hoping that they and others, like the wealthy, will spend “our” economy into high gear resulting in the re-creation of jobs once lost. But how many of those jobs will come back? And how fast?
Kind of like what is required to be a US congressman or US senator.  It is actually very simple.  We should not be talking about a stimulus bill in the first place.  However, It does gives media something to do.
There should be no discussion about government controlling banking or business.  What we the people should be asking is why the government is not spending the money it has the authority approval and constitutional mandate to employ like a strong national defense.
You can solve the problem through public/private partnerships. If you must go for government job creation, what about creating new jobs and doing it quickly based on a simple formula built on a common and simple required skill set that requires minimal entry level training?
Any discussion or any ounce of energy wasted by any federal representatives is based primarily on a fallacious concept. So, where are the people clamoring to talk about that?  The primary argument should be for national security growing to meet the demands – no one should be wasting time on a stimulus plan.
Our government representatives have yet to meet many of their constitutional obligations and many primary mandates based on their job descriptions have gone unfulfilled and blatantly ignored.
Knowing “something has to be done and will be done ” why has not one conservative or responsible Democrat proposed a plan to create real jobs that have a real purpose and provide a tangible benefit to all Americans?

How about we start with the basic principle responsibility of government, Constitution, Section 8. The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

We appreciate the work of conscientious conservatives to expose and carve out the unnecessary fat and in many cases rightfully challenging ridiculously obvious campaign support payoffs buried in the stimulus bill — but I have to ask, why is not one conservative leader countering with a real job plan?
If they won’t, then I will.
We need leadership that can think like the common man, with simple, principled and results oriented planning. Is there any conservative in the senate we can count on?
Never mind.
I’ll propose a plan that will create jobs — take it or leave it.
Along our borders and coastal boundaries exists an urgent and severe security threat that should be defined as a crisis by everyone in the government and the media.
This crisis can be effectively countered by immediately employing upwards of 2 million people and engaging them in the work of defending our nation, repairing environmental damage and utilizing service, construction and vocational skills to repair, install and maintain America’s border and coastal security infrastructure.
I think America could be missing a golden opportunity to invest in real jobs for American citizens.
Just a $70 billion investment could support the thousands of well-trained Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement agents by increasing their salaries and with millions out of work these new jobs would be more appealing and prized by young families who are community and security minded.  Jobs would also be created for the seasoned, skilled American worker who still have families to support or who have lost retirement savings and are forced to work longer to retire. With a $70 billion investment we could, for example, afford to immediately increase the salaries of every Border Patrol agent to a minimum of $70,000 a year to reward those who put their lives on the line and the increase in salary will likely encourage recruitment to bolster vitally needed national security efforts in this under-manned force.

Take some advice from a practical, pragmatic conservative leader — secure our borders and coastal boundaries by hiring 2 million citizens to support Border Patrol and the Coast Guard with citizen auxiliary workers.
2 million extra sets of eyes and ears to watch over the security of America’s borders, air space and coastal boundaries. Millions of skilled workers available to install, operate, repair and improve America’s critically necessary security resources; a corps of patriotic, skilled and reliable citizens to repair, construct, maintain and protect our prized natural resources and watch over our critical energy, transportation and information infrastructure.

It can be done, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has set the standard and deployed thousands of volunteers to monitor national security conditions along our borders — and we have done it on the cheap, with effectiveness and have responsibly served our communities and nation proudly with honor.
This kind of taxpayer investment also serves as a strong reminder to the world that we establish ourselves as a sovereign nation and security begins on the shores and land borders of these United States.
I think it’s pretty simple, the model has been created by our organization and the private sector would explode with opportunities in creating local and regional security franchises. A $70 billion investment, would immediately invest in a $50,000 a year salary to hire, over the next 12 months, the first 500,000 citizens to do real work.  The real work would be to organize as a business opportunity a private civilian corps; if you imagine, a first responder type of organization that utilizes the skill, talent and work ethic of our military veterans, law-enforcement retirees and other capable and hard-working American men and women who, with this type of national investment could create a security network unlike anything the world has ever seen.

A $70 billion investment to create and support these 2 million American jobs for 10 years. This is a win -win for the taxpayers, especially if these jobs are combined with other infrastructure improvements, and include public-private partnership investment options for new construction, and installation and repair of existing critical infrastructure.
In the first year, and I mean this year, and stretching into next year this Citizen Security Corps can organize, train, equip and deploy over 500,000 willing American citizens to our northern border and southern borders and coastal boundaries. The American Can-Do attitude could quickly rally to create a national civilian security corps.  With jobs that provide a $50,000 annual starting salary, you can count on that providing a real stimulus to work, and workers who will produce practical and real results.
The Merida Plan, With a $70 billion investment we could Immediately increase the salaries of every Border Patrol agent to a minimum of $70,000 a year to reward those who put their lives on the line and the increase in salary will likely encourage recruitment to bolster national security efforts. $ 500 million that we just authorized to spend in support of Mexico’s efforts to defeat the terrorist cartels will do little to secure America’s borders.

A $70 billion investment in border and coastal security can help us win the war on drugs, protect the youth of America from drugs, gangs and terrorism and will create real jobs for Americans who have real concerns about national security, public safety and the quality of life in their communities. Let’s create a revitalization plan that begins with addressing our most embarrassing, divisive and intractable national problems.
Chris Simcox

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Reading The Tea Leaves – 2009

This is our our first newsletter of the year, and I know many of you have been wondering about the directions we will take in 2009.

I hope you will take the time to read every word and your
responses are encouraged. The following contains the summation of my thoughts, my feelings, my logic and my intelligence gathering in D.C. of how the Obama administration might deal with border issues. All I can say is that since it’s Christmas and the Holiday season, let’s throw in a dash of hope, a sprinkle of satisfaction and generous amount of determination -we’ll need it.

I have broken down my thoughts into sections that I will
expand upon in my blog over the next weeks and months.

Now that we are seeing the improvements on the border
security front, I feel we should start a discussion about details of a plan for future reform of the “Legal/authorized
immigration system. We can do that in our new forum and I
will do so in my blog.


Obama elect and his cabinet selections have a lot of folks
up in arms and dubious.  Many organizations have expressed their growing concerns about certain appointees to cabinet positions, I’m not as concerned.

After 7 years in this movement I remain optimistic and have
pointed out dozens of accomplishments that back up my
ascertain that we are winning this battle for America’s

I have a different attitude of optimism regarding Obama
and Napolitano and there have been red hot discussions
out there about how his administration will deal with border
security and illegal immigration.  I’ve been reading the blogs
and carefully monitoring news reports as well as info put out by other organizations.

Since the election  you’ve received my measured responses-other than being angry all the time there is the
another way to approach it – with an attitude of hope and
change – I am sincere and will remain so -until Obama
makes a bad move all we can do is encourage him to do
the right thing – what the American people want.
Use this link to let him know how you feel on this issue.

Obama wants our opinion on a plan of action – MCDC has a plan and it is likely more detailed than anything Obama has in mind at this point which is why I took the opportunity to send our plan to him – it was the least we could do to help his administration.
All we can do is take a practical and pragmatic approach
to how we realize our goals and how those goals will change
as we comprehensively move through the reform process. After all, I got into this movement to create an
organization that can help lead a reform movement to the
point where we can put ourselves out of business by solving
a problem.
I’ve learned a lot over the past seven years about how to
maintain a tempered and practical approach to the issue.  I
look at all sides, we all need to analyze the situation in the
macro and micro, it is complicated. So with some caution in
mind, and not wanting to overreact I have been sitting
back reading the tea leaves, and here’s what I think 2009
will look like in the border security and immigration reform


I say -Yes we can! I think 2009 will be a good year for border security and continued state and federal reforms regarding the employment of illegal aliens.
As President and spokesperson for MCDC  I have come to
the following conclusions by way of process; consider this a
summation of my conversations, intelligence gathering and
research over the past month.

Which leads me to the game plan for 2009 – at least as
things stand now.

Sorry, but Obama gets a fair chance from me. All we have
seen so far is campaign rhetoric. I do not think he will
overreach for amnesty in his first year and if he does, we are, as movement, on alert and ready to implement our citizen lobbying efforts for 2009.
Instead I see nothing short of a massive enforcement surge
in co-operation with Mexico.


A world war on terror.

A war in Mexico.

Almost foolproof Mexican passports being bought and sold
by terrorists.

Unprecedented anti-U.S. sentiment and outright animosity
from growing number of Latin American governments who
are more interested in working with Russia, China and Iran.
Obama and his cabinet should know well the crisis we face
along our southern border and coastal boundaries.


Napolitano in charge of Homeland Security may just turn out to be the biggest surprise -actually more of a surprise to
others than to me.
Again,I will give her a fair chance to do the right thing and if
she does I will sing her praises.
Napolitano has a tough job ahead of her. She is inheriting a
crisis  which all levels of law enforcement acknowledge as
our greatest threat to national security and public safety.
Hundreds of thousands of illegal alien migrant workers; tens
of thousands of criminals, gang members and drug mules.
Now we know the potential for undetected entry by
thousands of terrorists who have been attempting and
succeeding in their effort to enter our country by any means
they can devise.

Napolitano declared a state of emergency and has called
for exactly what we have stated is the only solution-military
and National Guard presence on our borders.
That move, of course must be combined with a partnership
with Mexico and a commitment to break up violent cartels
engaged in the commerce of buying and selling illegal
drugs; innocent and willing Human Beings in the trafficking
/smuggling operations; weapons, I.D. theft; kidnapping for
ransom; money laundering; and institutional organized

It’s the only logical response, however those who occupy
Washington sometimes act in a less than logical manner.
We’ll have to wait and see.


I’m just reading the tea leaves as I see them and I predict
that Napolitano will respond by implementing  what she
knows must be a tough, measured response and aggressive
deployment of the National Guard to the border.
Military assets have already been in place with more arriving next month and folks in D.C. are keenly aware of the cartel wars raging in Mexico.

I predict some construction of the fences may be halted and some other projects will continue; however I remain confident that Obama and Napolitano are going to take a year to aggressively “pump up” the specific resources necessary in completing border security infrastructure before putting together what I think will still equate to a comprehensive  “light”  plan in a year or two.

I predict a plan to make all guest worker visas or ag labor
legislation set to a new paradigm – a flexible approach driven by demand for citizenship matched with labor demands that can be proven cannot be filled by a U.S. citizen.

All studies show that as the boomers retire and die there will
be jobs available in America -no problem with reality,
however those jobs must first be filled from within by
improving our education system and creating more
mathematicians, technicians and scientists.  We must
develop a culture of accountability by creating a system that is so good  for business that they can’t refuse to use it. More on that in future blogs.

I’ll say it one more time in another way.

Jobs must be filled by U.S. citizens first.

Legitimate legal immigrants are allowed in and matched
with available labor needs.
The entire system needs to be realigned from a family
reunification model to a labor demand based system that
insures appropriate national security screening and intense
enforcement directed at the violator as well as the
employer or accomplices.

We don’t need a guest worker program, we already have
temporary seasonal ag visas, we just need a near foolproof
system of accountability and that can be achieved and I
will expound upon that subject in future musings.

Just a few of my predictions for 2009.
In next weeks Newsletter we’ll address our 2009 action plan.

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Just Give Strength a Chance

Just Give Strength a Chance
Iraq type surge needed to win war on drugs and secure our borders and coastal boundaries.
I’m making all my holiday salutations now.  Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year Happy Holiday Season signify a time to I’m thankful for the opportunity to share these words with you. I’m thankful for realizing the fruits of our labor – enforcement is working. The New Year will bring renewed efforts to work on all aspects of the problems created by unsecured borders and mass illegal immigration. We have so much to be thankful for.
It’s likely many of you have responded in many different ways in the weeks post election. I shared my thoughts almost 2 weeks ago and my stance remains the same. Like John Lennon would have, as a conscientious community organizer, I reached out to Obama last week suggesting the importance of  MCDC’s assistance in completing a  realistic and comprehensive approach to border security and illegal immigration.  Like Lennon’s message “just give peace a chance”, I say we establish the peace by just giving strength a chance in 2009. Through strength we will restore peace to our border region with Mexico.

If you missed my message to Obama please visit my blog https://chrissimcox.wordpress.com/

I’m thankful Obama asked for my input.
I’m thankful we have shown great strength in the past year – we built fences – they are working – we need to build more.
I’m Thankful for Border Patrol -enforcement is working and my Christmas wish is we double their ranks with National Guard troops in 2009.
The political implications of our election are still uncertain yet no one is taking a wait and see attitude.


We already need to start making those calls to our representatives and our message remains firm – No amnesty and a full surge of interior and border security in 2009 and beyond – we must control our borders now!


It’s a critically urgent national security crisis that has caused both Mexico and the U.S. great harm and will continue to do so. Obama can stop it. Our new administration must deal with the real threat our borders have become, deal with it and establish order to the southern border war region. Even if Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is put in charge of DHS, no one better shy away from the fact that victory on our own borders must be achieved swiftly and with force.

Click Here to see video of Chris Simcox at David Horowitz Restoration Weekend

Click Here to see video of Texas Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez

Getting tough is working, we are catching up with the many hundreds of thousands of criminals who hide among the “hard working illegal aliens” – both are also leaving voluntarily -attrition through enforcement is working – now is the time for a full surge strategy employed to insure our Hemispheric region is secure and prosperous.

See, from our viewpoint, a surge using National Guard, private security and military assets we can quickly secure our borders and coastal boundaries. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps firmly backs the surge strategy in order to save lives of U.S. citizens who are victims of crimes; in order to prevent people from dying in the desert; to protect all People from Human Trafficking; to win the war on drugs to establish Humane and secure crossings when people migrate for work, education or visitation.

I’m thankful that in a free country I can work to bring about reform. What a great year. Border crossings are down, apprehensions are down 17 percent from last year and for the first time since 1996 agents apprehended under one million people along our southern border. Over a million people have voluntarily returned to Mexico in 2008 – we need to support their efforts to find support from their government.

My New Year’s resolution is to work even smarter and broadcast our message to more people.
I’m grateful we have millions of citizens who have the will to work for reform and understand the importance of fixing these problems. We have a new president and new administration -The world is watching.

We must end the social friction and not allow the media to fan the flames of dissent and distrust.
Multinational cartels now control our borders like the Chinese control the Panama Canal -you can bet they are watching. The security  implications are graphically documented and the recent reports on the war in Mexico, and the NAFTA Highway organized crime cells recently exposed in a Department of Justice Report.



I remain hopeful and will continue to pray that Obama makes border security job one.
I’m thankful we can count on all of you to answer the call for action now and in 2009. Our message – No amnesty and full surge of interior and border security.

We know we will be working to introduce legislation in various new states in 2009.  We see the economy is having the desired influence on attrition -people in the U.S. illegally are returning home. If that home is south our border with Mexico then important reform will begin taking root in Mexico and other Latin American countries – however the attitude should not be with animosity towards the U.S., but rather with determination to work for a better life in one’s native country.

The enforcement paradigm is working and should continue especially in regards to border security. Fences are working and construction needs to continue and improvements like topping existing fences with razor wire have proven to act as the most effective deterrent short of the U.S. military.

Workplace enforcement is effective in holding employers accountable, exposing identity theft and locating an alarming number of “undocumented” who have committed other crimes while illegally present in the U.S.
I remain thankful for so much that is right with the world, our country and for so much that we have and value as a society. There I did it, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all together in one message.
A blessed Holiday Season to everyone,
with great hopes for a prosperous and free New Year,
Chris Simcox

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International Border War First Challenge For President Elect Obama

International Border War First Challenge For President Elect Obama

National Security threatened by International Drug and Human Smuggling Cartels

Joe Biden, our Vice-president elect deserves credit for breaking away from the script to reveal a concern that many on both sides of the aisle consider of paramount importance.
Yes, Barack Obama will be challenged with an in-your-face confrontation in the first six-months of his administration, but then again the same be true for any presidential nominee.

While the media has driven the agenda of the campaign to be the blue collar victim economic panic-we need change campaign the real crisis facing the new president have been ignored, or purposefully covered up.

We have heard little discussion regarding education reform, no mention of out-of-control violent crime and the expansion of gangs, and most importantly a complete news black out on the raging drug wars in Mexico that will spill across our borders about the time our next president swears to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution.

Border security is not about poor migrant workers coming for work – it is about determined, resourceful people who see an opportunity and stop at nothing to acquire and enjoy the desired fruits of their labor, regardless of the carnage left in their wake.

More than 46,000 illegal aliens with U.S. criminal records were caught returning to the U.S. last year to commit more crimes. That number reflects only the Tucson sector!

10 million formally legal visitors have refused to leave the U.S. when ordered to do so and have assumed new identities and are potentially voting in our elections and living off the hard work and investments of the taxpayers.

Drug cartels now control our borders, National Parks and forests, dealing in drugs, weapons, money and Human misery -cartels are within an inch of taking control of the government of Mexico.

Our response plan so far – 500 million tax dollars to assist Mexico’s government in extinguishing the cartels.
Mexican military incursions across our borders have topped 300 in the past 5 years and they continue on an almost daily basis.
Will Obama respond as our past 3 presidents -business as usual?

Or will Obama address the rampant and expanding international drug cartels with connections right down to the black, brown, and white man and woman on street corners across America?

The only presidential candidates not to mention or address these important issues were John McCain and Barak Obama.
It’s time for Obama to not only break the silence but establish a legacy. Before he can bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan he may need to send troops to the new battlefield – the U.S./Mexico border.   Can Obama even bring an end to the war of drugs?

The first international crisis is already in play and will continue to be a raging battle for our southern border.
Obama will be forced to make historic decisions regarding our border and they will be forced at the hands of the violent drug cartels. Or have many in government already been faced with the inevitable and choose not to bring up the subject through coercion?

I mean most every candidate and hapless news reporter or journalist by some means have managed to completely ignore and side-step our billions-of-dollars  spent on a failed war on drugs.

Avoiding the situation has not made the problem go away, it is now the greatest National Security and public safety threat to citizens of Mexico and U.S. citizens. This threat is comprised of heinously violent criminals, members of alliances from Columbia, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba who have bought out or killed most of those who resisted their march toward the northern Mexican border with the United States.

This formidable, well funded, heavily armed Fortune 500 international corporation now controls most of Mexico and has laid claim to our southern border and supply routes north into Canada.
These cartels can bring anything or anyone across our borders, they have the means, the determination and the firepower -we never knew Obama’s or McCain’s or basically anyone’s stance on this critical issue – the media would not allow it. Does Obama have the courage to tackle this threat?

Today, thanks to a brave soul who decided to let slip the case of Obama’s Auntie Zeituni, Americans have learned that upwards of 10 million individuals have entered the country legally, yet overstayed their visas and have refused to report for deportation. Remember, no slight on Obama, this just highlights the importance of this widespread flaw in our system.

Many of the once legal, now turned illegal aliens have easily assumed new identities and or have contemptuously wormed through our broken immigration and social welfare system to defraud the taxpayers. In some cases these squatters receive free housing, free social services, free medical care,free education and yes many are likely to be found on the voter registration rolls of all 50 states. How many may have committed other crimes or are recruited by the gangs and criminal organizations?

Our system of checks and balances is not a joke; our lax attitudes have now resulted in our loss of control or our borders, our immigration system, our financial security and now threatens to upset the balance of power through malicious exploitation of the loopholes and the advertised lack of accountability throughout the system.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, this contest nor any other in our future should become regarded by history as an election won by those stealing the right and privilege to vote based on millions of illegal alien voters.

I have received so many positive responses to our call to civic duty – as Minuteman poll watchers.
We discover we have many Minuteman volunteers who are officially inside the polls as watchers and many others who were positioned outside the 75-100 ft. neutral zone that surrounds polling locations. We know the rules and regulations and follow them.

Just as a neighborhood watch Americans will be volunteering to keep our polling locations safe and secured to those who have the right to vote in our elections.

Along with illegal alien workers who show blatant disregard for our laws to enter the U.S. we also know that last year alone in the just the Tucson sector of Arizona over 46,000 arrested and convicted  murderers, sexual predators, drug dealers and violent criminals re-entered our country after they committed crimes in the U.S. and were previously removed by deportation. They returned again. How many got through and are back on the streets in your community?
We know millions of illegal aliens who have stolen identities of U.S. citizens could also be casting illegal votes.

Not only should we stand vigilant to ensure the rights of all who have a legal right to vote to do so in safety and assurance of the integrity of the system.
When you vote, please insist that your poll worker ask for, and checks your I.D.

These reports will only become more frequent as long as we ignore the situation -it’s not a joke.
Chris Simcox

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