Simcox to remain in race to counter McCain/Hayworth media show

It’s been an interesting week for our campaign.

First, Linda and Jason Mow went to Haiti to save orphaned children. May God bless their work. The Mow’s have been crucial to coordinating my schedule, so I’m trying to line-up as many events as possible myself. You can help by making a contribution that will enable us to bring aboard others to lend a hand in their absence.

Next, J.D. Hayworth, another establishment big-spending Republican, jumped into the race for the U.S. Senate. I’m not challenging John McCain, or Hayworth, or the Republican Party. I’m challenging the voters to educate themselves and decide how they want to manage their representational seat.

Since I started my campaign last April, I’ve been humbly sharing my message through grassroots campaigning. We’ve collected signatures; we’ve raised funds; and, we have a solid following whose message to me is this: STAY IN THE RACE! And I will.

Ours is a blue-collar, middle-class, common sense message. I will serve the people of the United States and Arizona by defending the Constitution and protecting our civil liberties. As a Constitutional conservative I am straight forward in principle: I will work for the Constitution, not for the party.

I invite you to view my video blogs wherein we explain how most politicians are avoiding our nation’s problems. Instead, they aim to solve their own problem of getting elected and re-elected. That goal consumes and colors their every decision, and guides their every calculated move. Thus is true of both McCain and Hayworth.

McCain versus Hayworth will further illustrate how getting re-elected means obfuscating how much legislation actually hurts businesses and citizens alike. McCain/Hayworth will display how campaign promises are designed to reward the special interests that help a candidate. And, how politicians push policies that ultimately do great harm to our Constitution and to our individual liberties.

We must reverse this trend. We must shrink government. We must change the political paradigm, while there’s still time.

Last night the voters in Maricopa agreed and that message rang true, resulting in more signatures and financial support to help me stay in the race as the powerful Republican machine will now attempt to absorb all funding for their two party establishment candidates.

Your support is crucial to keeping our voice ringing true above the din of political rhetoric as usual.
I look forward to speaking to the voters at the East Valley Tea Party: Super bowl of Conservative Candidates Open House
January 30th 12 Noon – 8PM,
The Burke Basic School
(the old Foxworth building, East of Skateland),131 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85210


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