Simcox Responds to McCain’s No Vote for Sotomayor

Here are some reflections on my appearance on MSNBC-TV today to discuss Sen. John McCain’s “No” vote on Supreme Court nominee Sonja Sotomayor.

I agree with some political commentators who wrote that McCain’s vote may have been an expedient political maneuver because McCain is facing a serious primary challenge. I am that challenge. So I gladly awoke at 4:30 a.m. to support the notion that McCain voted “No” in order to gain, or better, to appease the so-called “”conservative Republican”” votes over “Hispanic” votes in his battle to be re-nominated in 2010.

My point on MSNBC was based on what I believe, and that’s this:

It’s a shame that we still discuss politics in terms of racial or ethnic demography. It’s Sonja Sotomayor’’s association with overtly ethnic supremacist organizations that represents a problem. It should immediately disqualify her as a Supreme Court nominee. Any judge, or law enforcement agent, should be scrutinized closely if they’ve associated with a group that uses racial identification as their primary belief system. Sotomayor’’s association with La Raza, MALDEF, MECHA, et al., should immediately exclude her, or anyone else, from ever being a judge, in my opinion.

A judge must apply the law consistently and inclusively. Lady Justice is blind to any ethnocentric-biased creed or value system based on race or religion. A Supreme Court Justice’s job is to protect American citizens by ensuring that the laws and practices of the nation’s lower courts remain in -line with the freedoms and liberties claimed for all citizens in the Constitution, and in its amendments.

In a press release several weeks ago, I stated that I would have made up my mind on Sotomayor early in the confirmation process. What took McCain so long? The fundamental issue is about protecting the people, by way of our Constitution, and not allowing one’s life experiences to be the lens through which a judge makes decisions. To rule on the basis of personal bias negatively affects the lives of all our nation’s citizens – citizens whose rights are all protected by our Constitution.

It’s time politicians stop making political calculations about the percentage of ethnic voter groups, and stop taking self-serving positions based on racial, ethnic or religious considerations, as I believe McCain did.

I’m running for the Senate as an independent Republican. I’m not beholdening to, nor am I held captive by, any party system. I am accountable to all the people in Arizona, and first and foremost I must follow the Constitution. I believe in the Republican Party’s stated ideals and platforms, many of which are being under-represented today in Congress. These are the factors that will influence my votes in the Senate.
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