Obama’s socialism, A weak national defense


Chris Simcox

Troubling news abound in this WSj article and the news that we have a surplus of Army National Guardsmen. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124174053175598779.html#mod%3DdjemEditorialPage%26articleTabs%3Darticle A Pacific Warning. Australia prepares for U.S. decline. If Australia is concerned about the security of the Pacific region we know our enemies are also paying attention. Our Western flank and the Gulf of Mexico are already vulnerable security risks, examples being boatloads of drugs and illegal aliens found beached as far north as Santa Barbara. Our southern border and the Gulf coast of Texas and Mexico is rife with organized smuggling operations. The resourceful transportation techniques include cartels utilizing ultralight aircraft, scuba divers and even a small fleet of drug smuggling submarines. Australia is bulking up its defenses in response to our inability to defend the region and understands under the current administration the situation will get worse before it gets better. Obama has no interest in stimulating our economy through a strong national defense and no doubt the enemies of America are plotting to exploit our well advertised weak links in Regional Homeland Security. China owns the Panama Canal and is building military defenses in our back yard. Obama seems to be missing the obvious in addressing border and coastal security. A couple of hundred new special agents are planned to address a major security crisis while tens of thousands of Army reservists are not used to fill the gap to prevent any illegal entry in remote under protected areas. Instead of cutting back on recruitment and actually planning to reduce the numbers of personnel why are we not utilizing them to secure our borders and coasts? People need jobs and we have plenty of work to accomplish along our borders and coastal boundaries; let’s put America to work defending America. A strong defense is for the common good, It’s common sense and it’s Constitutionally sound practice and the mandated responsibility of our U.S. Senate. The only jobs Obama has any business creating and funding are defense jobs because his oath is to protect our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Thank God for those who serve in our U.S. military, the more the better.


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