Obama May Adopt Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Border Security Plan

A recent Press release – we are getting everything needed to secure the border – just for all the wrong reasons and way late.

Just weeks after taking office, President Obama has announced he is considering troop deployment to our southern border.

Since 2002, Chris Simcox and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have been sounding the alarm and warning of the escalating national security crisis that we now face on our border with an increasingly destabilized Mexico.

National Guard troops can be stationed at military bases like Fort Huachuca and can shut down the heavily-trafficked cartel routes in places like the mountains just above that high security military base in southeastern Arizona.

During the recent national campaign, Simcox and MCDC Vice President Carmen Mercer personally delivered a detailed report and plans for securing the border to Obama’s D.C. Senate office, and again after President Obama took office MCDC executives sent a detailed report and plan for securing the border.  With the exponential increase in murderous cartel violence along the border, Mr. Obama is now obviously considering the need to heed good counsel.

Minutemen stand ready to welcome U.S. troops to protect American property owners, law enforcement personnel and even support law-and-order Mexican patriots defending their people along the war-zone border, if necessary.

Since 2002 Chris Simcox has been warning of the crisis which now confronts us.

It is unfortunate that although we in the border security movement warned our officials of this impending crisis when we started the border watch movement after the 9/11 attacks, the government failed to act. Senator McCain and Gov. Napolitano were urgently and repeatedly warned of the accelerating national security and public safety threat at the border by our Minuteman movement, and their inaction has directly led to the proliferation and Fortune 100-like corporate growth of the international drug cartels — which have now also systematically absorbed and control all forms of human smuggling and other forms of contraband, including arms and weapons running.

It is something of a relief to MCDC to think that our volunteers may realize a major goal of 7 years grueling activist work, by finally having our posts — we hope and pray — taken over by National Guard and U.S. military deployments adequate to the threat.  From day one in 2002 we have always warned of the threat presented by the ruthless cartel networks, our analyses calling for many thousands of well-armed and supported U.S. troops were reviewed and embraced by alert Congressmen — and now we look forward to President Obama doing his duty and our being honorably relieved of our posts on watch.   The citizen volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps long for the day when we can certify and report to the American people that our borders are, indeed, secure.  But will the President, in fact, act?

Thus far this year, to all available evidence, crossings are somewhat down, violence is massively up. The cartels are locked into mortal combat among themselves, and with the Mexican military — and the U.S. military is unavoidably needed to secure America’s safety, sovereignty and national security. Now is the perfect opportunity to end the border security issue once and for all, and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plan is the only practical solution.



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2 responses to “Obama May Adopt Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Border Security Plan

  1. Zak Carter

    I stand ready to help energize the good folks at the Campaign for Liberty on your behalf- and if thats not enough grassroots support for you, have you joined the Republican Liberty Caucus? I think your philosophy would be a natural fit with what we stand for.


    You are going to need as many boots on the ground as you can get in your run to unseat McCain – and no one can make that happen quite like the C4L and the RLC.

    In Liberty, Zak Carter

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