Just Give Strength a Chance

Just Give Strength a Chance
Iraq type surge needed to win war on drugs and secure our borders and coastal boundaries.
I’m making all my holiday salutations now.  Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year Happy Holiday Season signify a time to I’m thankful for the opportunity to share these words with you. I’m thankful for realizing the fruits of our labor – enforcement is working. The New Year will bring renewed efforts to work on all aspects of the problems created by unsecured borders and mass illegal immigration. We have so much to be thankful for.
It’s likely many of you have responded in many different ways in the weeks post election. I shared my thoughts almost 2 weeks ago and my stance remains the same. Like John Lennon would have, as a conscientious community organizer, I reached out to Obama last week suggesting the importance of  MCDC’s assistance in completing a  realistic and comprehensive approach to border security and illegal immigration.  Like Lennon’s message “just give peace a chance”, I say we establish the peace by just giving strength a chance in 2009. Through strength we will restore peace to our border region with Mexico.

If you missed my message to Obama please visit my blog https://chrissimcox.wordpress.com/

I’m thankful Obama asked for my input.
I’m thankful we have shown great strength in the past year – we built fences – they are working – we need to build more.
I’m Thankful for Border Patrol -enforcement is working and my Christmas wish is we double their ranks with National Guard troops in 2009.
The political implications of our election are still uncertain yet no one is taking a wait and see attitude.


We already need to start making those calls to our representatives and our message remains firm – No amnesty and a full surge of interior and border security in 2009 and beyond – we must control our borders now!


It’s a critically urgent national security crisis that has caused both Mexico and the U.S. great harm and will continue to do so. Obama can stop it. Our new administration must deal with the real threat our borders have become, deal with it and establish order to the southern border war region. Even if Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is put in charge of DHS, no one better shy away from the fact that victory on our own borders must be achieved swiftly and with force.

Click Here to see video of Chris Simcox at David Horowitz Restoration Weekend

Click Here to see video of Texas Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez

Getting tough is working, we are catching up with the many hundreds of thousands of criminals who hide among the “hard working illegal aliens” – both are also leaving voluntarily -attrition through enforcement is working – now is the time for a full surge strategy employed to insure our Hemispheric region is secure and prosperous.

See, from our viewpoint, a surge using National Guard, private security and military assets we can quickly secure our borders and coastal boundaries. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps firmly backs the surge strategy in order to save lives of U.S. citizens who are victims of crimes; in order to prevent people from dying in the desert; to protect all People from Human Trafficking; to win the war on drugs to establish Humane and secure crossings when people migrate for work, education or visitation.

I’m thankful that in a free country I can work to bring about reform. What a great year. Border crossings are down, apprehensions are down 17 percent from last year and for the first time since 1996 agents apprehended under one million people along our southern border. Over a million people have voluntarily returned to Mexico in 2008 – we need to support their efforts to find support from their government.

My New Year’s resolution is to work even smarter and broadcast our message to more people.
I’m grateful we have millions of citizens who have the will to work for reform and understand the importance of fixing these problems. We have a new president and new administration -The world is watching.

We must end the social friction and not allow the media to fan the flames of dissent and distrust.
Multinational cartels now control our borders like the Chinese control the Panama Canal -you can bet they are watching. The security  implications are graphically documented and the recent reports on the war in Mexico, and the NAFTA Highway organized crime cells recently exposed in a Department of Justice Report.



I remain hopeful and will continue to pray that Obama makes border security job one.
I’m thankful we can count on all of you to answer the call for action now and in 2009. Our message – No amnesty and full surge of interior and border security.

We know we will be working to introduce legislation in various new states in 2009.  We see the economy is having the desired influence on attrition -people in the U.S. illegally are returning home. If that home is south our border with Mexico then important reform will begin taking root in Mexico and other Latin American countries – however the attitude should not be with animosity towards the U.S., but rather with determination to work for a better life in one’s native country.

The enforcement paradigm is working and should continue especially in regards to border security. Fences are working and construction needs to continue and improvements like topping existing fences with razor wire have proven to act as the most effective deterrent short of the U.S. military.

Workplace enforcement is effective in holding employers accountable, exposing identity theft and locating an alarming number of “undocumented” who have committed other crimes while illegally present in the U.S.
I remain thankful for so much that is right with the world, our country and for so much that we have and value as a society. There I did it, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all together in one message.
A blessed Holiday Season to everyone,
with great hopes for a prosperous and free New Year,
Chris Simcox


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