Day 8 October Border Blog

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 daily border blog.
I returned to camp and began catching up with the newly arrived volunteers from Iowa, Massachusetts and Kansas. Of course Arizona is the home of the
civilian border watch movement, and typically I spend most of my time in Arizona, and I always try to meet and greet and spend time talking with our greatest
asset our diverse group of volunteers.
By early afternoon, after consulting with B.I or Big Irish, we decided we would make another trip 26 miles to the south to about the 10 mile marker. This would be
our second night in that area, hoping to be more of assistance to border patrol. Big Irish led the line, and I teamed up with Pete, a long time MCDC volunteer from Indiana. I remember spending about an hour with the four person team that were manning post 12 , or somewhere in that neighborhood along the Naco
line in April of 2005. Since that time, Pete has traveled from Indiana for every 30 day muster on the Arizona Arizona border.
At age 70. Pete is still spry with a sharp eagle eye and a steadfast vigilant approach to his responsibility on the border. I think Pete was the quietest volunteer I’ve ever shared post duty with.
Pete and I took the high ground along the line. I could see all the way to the border in the mountains to the east and the west. We could see border patrol in
force working south of us at many points spanning the East-West horizon we could see lights and agents on foot with flashlights. Just after dusk, a Blackhawk
helicopter flew into an area about 5 miles south of us to assist a team of agents who obviously were in the process of apprehending a group of suspected illegal
Watching border patrol do their job, south of us was a gratifying sight to see. Since I made the call for the citizen border watch phenomenon In October of 2002
is now gratifying to see Homeland Security actually aggressively defending the homeland by actually responding by utilizing the plan introduced by the
American people. A plan we knew would be most effective; put border patrol agents on the border line, and concentrate a majority of your resources within a 2
to 5 mile zone of that border line, keep the problem from spreading north. It is good to see Border Patrol “be all they can be” and get the job done – well done B.P.!

Unfortunately the real fight is yet to come so it is good that agents learn to adpapt quickly -danger looms on the horizon.

Big Irish set a perfect line tonight with volunteers manning eight posts. It was a textbook operation except for the fact that we had no encounters and spent
most of the quiet evening admiring the efforts of border patrol agents to our south. Time well spent.

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