Day 6 October Border Blog

Mike decided to split the camp and move 45 miles away to the I-19 corridor. 10 volunteers moved and set up camp on the Parker Ranch. Border Patrol said they were glad to have us on the other side of the Valley.
Border Patrol were everywhere that night. 13 IA’s were apprehended on the train tracks – our volunteers on the Parker Ranch had no sightings.
Big Irish ran the King’s Anvil operation for the day – the eveing shift was moved to within 7 miles of the border at the request of the Border Patrol. They worked two areas closer to the border tonight but all was quiet – no sightings.
I told everyone at the kick off cookout that this would most likely be the slowest month of October we have ever had – so far my predictions are correct. Border Patrol reports brisk activity all around us – we still are looking for the optimal areas to work.
Weather is comfortable with some wind, but spirits remain high and everyone in camp is getting along swell.


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