Day 3 October Border Blog

A windy day in the Altar Valley, some clouds and lots of dust. That did not deter MCDC volunteers and friends as volunteers shared food, laughter and friendship during our afternoon kickoff cookout. Hamburgers, potato salad and wedding cake for desert as we acknowledged the second marriage of MCDC volunteers in the past three years. John and Sera shared their story of working border watches and falling for each other and details of their very unique wedding. The couple lives in Alaska and travel to Arizona twice a year to help watch our southern border.
We honored Mel Stewart with a moment of silence. Az State director Gene gave an update on state activity and Mike spoke at length about how the flow of illegals is shifting and how we are working with Border Patrol to adjust and the fact that crossings and apprehensions are down.
Volunteers during the day shift located 5 suspected illegal aliens – 3 of them were apprehended by Border Patrol, 2 others ran and could not be found.
We set 13 posts with 28 volunteers and 20 MCDC Search and Rescue volunteers conducted night training in another area.
The winds subsided and the night was quiet with no sightings. Border Patrol were working south of our location and were active including air support but no groups made it as far north as our location.
We will move our operations 45 miles to the east on Monday. Border Patrol intel suggested we might have more success in the new location.

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