Day 2 October Border Blog

Thirty-one volunteers arrived the first day of operations in Arizona. Beautiful weather -but it would not be a muster without strong winds which has arrived this morning.

Yesterday morning I attended a memorial service for Mel Stewart a 76-year-old Minuteman volunteer who passed away last week. Mel was a quiet, gentle man but a strong Patriot. Mel was at every muster and worked security at the comms hut. He will be sorely missed. His family was so appreciative of our efforts and for giving Mel an opportunity to continue serving his country again.

Scouting most of our usual areas we have discovered very little sign of traffic. Heavy summer rains have produced tremendous growth in vegetation -many of the once well worn trails are covered with new plant life, and very little sign of foot-traffic.
Volunteers from Oregon rescued a man from Mexico who was drinking water from a cattle tank. His feet were blistered and bloody and he was in desperate shape.
Everyone pitched in to help set up camp and things are running smoothly as they should after 2-years at the King’s Anvil headquarters in Arizona.
Border Patrol are glad to see us return but admit the traffic has decreased, yet they continue to share important intel to help direct our operations where we can provide the most support for the agents in the field.
We ran 2-lines last night, Bravo Line and Mike Force line – we staffed 9 posts in 2 locations. Bravo line was quiet with no activity.
Mike Force line spotted a group of 15 suspected illegal aliens near the end of the shift. They lit them up as they approached the line and scattered back south of the road. Border Patrol was dispatched and arrived to work the group which split in two and brushed up south. We stayed long enough to see Border Patrol send in more agents and tracked the group back south – no word on apprehensions this early – we will find out later today if the IA’s were caught.
Search and Rescue teams are out this morning looking for anyone lost or in distress. We continue to scout for new areas of activity.
More volunteers are already arriving this morning and later this afternoon we will have our traditional barbecue cook out and fellowship meeting – then back to work this afternoon.
Snakes seem to be everywhere, so we are warning volunteers to extra vigilant.

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