Day one border blog

Day one on the border. I am typing from the back of my Jeep. I am at Camp Anvil with 6 other early arrivals. It’s dark, lots of stars, very little moon. It is very quiet -no Border Patrol seen on my way to camp. New checkpoint south of us on 286. Will work with B.P to gather intel tomorrow. Lots of scouting to do first thing in the morning.

Spent the evening at an NRA sponsored meet the candidates night at the Sheraton in Tucson. Spoke with Sandy Froman – 2A issues are always top of the list of important liberties with me. Ran in to Dave McGowan and Frank Antenori both running for the Arizona state house -both decent and strong conservatives. Watched a good portion of the Biden-Palin debate -both performed well – with performed being the operative word. Palin has a career in Hollywood as well as a strong leader in the Republican party. Well, at least she has a long career ahead of being parodied by Hollywood. She is strong though and you have to admire her Moxie – and her hair.
Spent a short time at another debate watching gathering at Chad’s Steakhouse in Tucson. This watching party was sponsored by 104.1 the Truth’s John Justice. Good crowd -lousy venue – too crowded, could not talk to anyone but good to see people sharing fellowship, support and venting frustrations.
Also spoke with Az Leg Dist 26 -precinct 359 committeeman John Ellinwood. John also works with the Sonoran Alliance blog that I am trying to figure out. This blogging is sort of like a journal – I guess? I’ll learn as I go along – just like life.
Now to sleep and prepare for October on the border.

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