The new entrepreneurs

A perfect storm is brewing; it may be a longer than usual hurricane season. The United States Congress seems to be hanging on for dear life, and the media portends to do everything to incite panic in the streets. It’s a perfect train wreck of social issues that are simultaneously colliding at the intersection of electing the 44th president of the United States – I expect a heck of a fireworks show. Instead of laying blame let’s just admit it’s the fault of all the greedy people who decided to push the envelope, and the bubble has finally burst.

Or has it?

7 -years post 3,000 people murdered on 9-11-01 is already considered another fading historical icon of importance. We have not all abandoned common sense and overreacted; however the nation will struggle to respond to and cope with what I see as the equivalent of an economic 9/11. We shouldn’t panic…right? – even though most people would respond, “yeah, easy for you to say”.

Today I noticed that business continued to thrive, Americans were working, shopping and enjoying life. I have a feeling that many folks now realize they forgot to save money and invested unwisely and millions are coming to the stark reality that they had been living beyond their means. And trust me they had accomplices to aid their irresponsible spending – involved in the heinous faux bliss were plenty of enablers driven by their own greed and hunger for success , they were ready and willing to assist us in our final drowning moments of gluttony.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m a little suspicious that within Bush’s first year of office we manage to endure the attack on the home front, only to in the name of security and protection to have the Patriot Act shoved down our throats, forever cinching up another full notch on the collar of freedom . And now, just a few months before Bush signs out -literally, the shock and awe of the financial September 11, 2008 financial meltdown is just settling in.A war is raging south of our border as we have allowed the Columbian, Venezuelan and Mexican drug cartels to rule our borders and they own most of the Mexican government – they are poised along our border and are now ready to take on the U.S. government and anyone else who gets in the way of their illicit commerce.No one wants us looking in that direction -but many of us are waving the red flag at the angry bull attempting to get the media and elected officials to pay attention.

No the main stream media is doing all they can to distract your attention away from war, drugs, poverty, violence and the fact that we have our neighbor to the south is a vice-like control of our border. The panic is the financial shy is falling. Do not think for a minute that I buy into the panic – I consider what is happening to be nothing more than a much needed correction in the markets and I look forward to a level playing field and more secure and stable markets. When the smoke clears there will still be life as we know it but we asked for it, and we are getting what we deserve, an inevitably painful correction in our markets, values and lifestyles.

Something does weigh on my mind and continues to be of great concern. Can you imagine the implications of the government succeeding in stealing our tax dollars, then to prospect and invest our money back into the risky bailout of our decadent irresponsible actions? It’s like the drug-dealing addict talking another addict into checking in to his rehab center while he continues to sell him drugs.

I don’t know about you but I won’t “bank” on the government managing our private investment institutions – that just gives them immunity from any prosecution if they fleece the people. At least now we have the opportunity of correcting the system and the symptom we are ailing from – the gluttony of our own greed.

One thing we must not do is go rushing into Congress throwing together a half baked plan to save the economy – please, spare the histrionics.What we want is for congress and the business world to come together and fix the problems regarding oversight and accountability – but allow the private U.S. sector to bail us out -someone must have faith in the good ole U.S.A.

Just at a time when Americans may just be clamoring for any job that they can get, at any wage, we have the state’s leading newspaper, the Arizona Republic allowing editorials like Craig Harris’ September 24, 2008 column, ‘Chamber supports immigration reform’. Here we go again, we have a leftist newspaper siding with the leftist cheating Chamber of Commerce and those crooks in the business community who have spent over a million dollars to undo the will of the people. On top of that business is trying to convince the voters to not hold businesses accountable for hiring legal workers or they will go bankrupt – uh, well then they better come up with a new business plan – because the voters are not going to be duped again. Don’t these guys ever learn their lesson?

All of these powerful forces providing cover for the illegal alien sham on the taxpayer that is being played out. Of course, Harris immediately dupes the reader in the first sentence by reminding us that the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, “opposed the state’s employer sanctions law” which is actually the Fair and Legal employment act, there are no sanctions only accountability, which just says everyone must play by the rules. After all, that’s what attracts immigrants to a country where doing business is based on profits through integrity, honesty, and not exploiting labor.

Harris also reminds us that he supports those who thinks like him. Those who would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a media campaign and ad campaign endorsed by civil rights activists extremist Mayor Phil Gordon and even chief business executives. These so-called community and business leaders instead of working in their communities and in our schools to encourage the next generation of students to do the work available in America by Americans, they would rather invest their money into an ad campaign that asked us as taxpayers to ignore fraud, unfair business practices, exploitation of workers, and never mentioned the way too many preventable crimes committed by too many of the so-called good intentioned, hard working children of God taking jobs Americans won’t take.What about the victims, the U.S. citizen -when when our interests come first -I think “we the people” may just end up fully engaged in a reform movement come January 20th of next year if not before.

To do, what is right, may not be popular. Certainly, what the media tells us is popular, is not right. When it comes to feeling America’s pain, we the voters know a darn bit more than the newspaper editors and corporate czars of business. If we don not secure our borders, clean up the crime and corruption and play by the rules, we may be living under the rule of the drug cartels and the Human smugglers who are moving their way to a business near you. After all the cartels are just beginning to lobby to do business the way that best suits their style and principles. Today Arizona business owners, the Arizona Republic and Arizona Chamber of Commerce are paving the way for the new business entrepreneurs. I suspect the AZ Republic will soon begin to sympathize with the cartels as the blood runs in the streets of our communities like it is in Mexico.

Chris Simcox


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